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Forsa School Application Form

CV, porftolio, and personal statement

Please email us the following documents on no later than October 22: your CV, Portfolio, and a 500-word statement describing your commitment to a career in the arts, how you feel about the creative landscape of the UAE and why you want to participate in this programme.
Please make sure to label the email subject and all files with your full name. ie. NahlaTabbaa_CV_ForsaSchool


Forsa School is a bi-lingual programme keen on building a community of peers and exchanging knowledge in the vast mediums and practices the art world has to offer. In order to create a safe and nurturing environment for our participants, please be mindful of the following:

1. Commitment

The programme will run from November 2020- February 2021 using a blend of formats: on-site sessions at Sharjah Art Foundation, field trips and digitally for 1 week every month on evenings and weekends.
Your commitment and adherence to the schedule of the programme is essential to maximize your learning experience. If you have any concerns or prior commitments regarding the schedule above, please contact us at

2. Mutual Respect and Good Conduct

You will be meeting and interacting with a diverse group of artists and people within the art scene throughout the program’s seminars, workshops, and sessions. In order to nurture a safe environment and community, please be mindful and supportive of one another.

3. Photography/Press

In order to promote the programme, Sharjah Art Foundation will be photographing and video recording the sessions in this programme. Your cooperation would be highly appreciated.

4. Closing session

Throughout the programme, we will be asking you to keep a monthly report of your learning outcomes and notes. At the end of the programme you will be asked to give a presentation that outlines where you started and how Forsa school impacted your practice/profession, in order for the team and participants to reflect together on navigating the professional challenges in the art world.